Mt. Marathon Blend

Mt. Marathon Blend

This blend is perfect for those who prefer a medium roast.  This combination of light, medium and dark roast beans brings out various flavor notes of  jasmine tea-like chocolately flavors, with a sweet and smokey finish.  This blend is created from three different orgins of beans from South America and Africa.  It is a smooth rich cup that is an easy drinking coffee.


Named after one of our many mountains here in Seward, Alaska. Every July 4th since 1915 there has been a foot race up the mountain. It has only been canceled 13 times. It is believed to be among the oldest foot races in the United States. Racers race up to 2,974 feet (906 m) above sea level, and back down to the finish line. The entire race is 3.1 miles, and typically finished within 40 minutes! Legend says that it all started out as a bar bet between two "sourdoughs" (slang for gold miners), with one betting a man could race to the top of the mountain and back in less than an hour, and the other saying that wasn't possible. The winning racer finished in one hour and twenty minutes. Since Seward is a port town, every arriving ship had its challenger who wanted to beat the one hour bet. This may have been how the race evolved.

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