Our beautiful washed  beans from Legacy Farm in Cerro Bueno Honduras offers a full-bodied coffee.  Their flavor generally has tasting notes of a sweet and mildly earthy taste.

    Our Honduras beans are direct sourced from Ashley and Julia Williams in Cerro Bueno, Honduras.  Ashley and Julia met in Honduras in 2000 while on seperate mission trips.  They "accidently" bought their first coffee farm when purchasing land to build homes for Honduran families.  With an increasing interest in coffee and further projects in Honduras, the Williams temporarily moved their family to their coffee farm in Cerro Bueno, Honduras in 2014.  The past five years have been full of learning and mistakes and beauty and an ever-expanding vision for the farms and surrounding communities.

    Ashley has also been a wonderful resource to us at Caines Head Coffee.  He has answered so many questions for us, and has been so encouraging in this adventure.

    Per Ashley....."Give a an a fish, feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, feed him for a lifetime".  It has been a privilege to use proceeds from coffee sales to help families realize income from sources other then coffee.  One family now adds to their income through a corn grinder wich grinds corn daily for making tortillas.  One family started a small pulperia, tiny store, in their home.  They are even building to add on to the store after only six months!  Another man is starting a barber shop in his home now that he has electricity and supplies to cut hair.  Another lady received a sewing machine through a donation and she is gushing about all of the possibilities she sees using the machine.  She is already teaching her daughter how to sew also. 

    When you purchase these beans, you help in facilitating Ashely and Julia's mission in Cerro Bueno.   

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    Orders ship within 24-72 hours of placement.  Orders placed on Friday will ship out the following Tuesday.  All orders shipped via USPS, and is calculated at checkout.  Local customers can email us for pickup options.


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